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Born in 1982, Graham Mcnamara is from Wicklow, Ireland where he currently lives. 
A background in engineering combined with his passion for art inspired a seeing of the turning motion from a clock mechanism as a means to replicate the changing of colour in the natural world through art. In achieving this Graham has created his own original art style as a unique experience whereby as the colour change is viewed the artwork feels alive, connecting the viewer to the scene and natural world.

On top of the mechanics of the colour wheel and its operation Graham has invented a unique way of creating his landscape wall art by engraving, sanding, scraping mild steel in different ways to express the compositions elements i.e wild grass, water. This is combined with heating the steel to different temperatures to give these elements their iridescent colour of light to dark brown, purple, blue, turquoise. 

The steel body acts as the surface for the scene while also supporting the mechanical operation hiding within. A CNC milled aluminium wheel is fixed to the hour shaft of the clock mechanism, a stretched canvas is fixed to the wheel, printed on the canvas are colour gradients that cutouts in the steel reveal as the different colours slowly appear and disappear imitating nature.

Graham's process in making his works come to life can be viewed on his Instagram page; here

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